Smile to the innerchild

“Be like a child on waking” R.Vittoz
To move towards the Light of Consciousness is to acquire a new intelligence of Life.
It is the way that leads the child towards his “Higher Self”
Children have no past, and that is the mystery of the magic innocence of their smile.
Milan Kundera (From “The Book of Laughter and Oblivion”).

GROWING means becoming RESPONSIBLE and making conscious choices. It is up to each of us to create and nurture the Life of our dreams. We do not have to submit, to suffer and to feel guilty for what does not “belong” to us, and which is part of the past that we cannot change … ACCEPT, WELCOME, it is also to be more aware of our Presence right now and let Life guide us to a holistic wellness. 


We inheritated from our ancestors some behavioral, emotional and energetic diagrams that we reproduce consciously or not, they often slow down the evolution of our Being because we are not aware of who we are.
“It is necessary to highlight them in order to free ourselves from them, with a view to deploying our own potential. To free yourself from these archetypes is to approach who I Am, to access more authenticity and energy, to live my true nature as a human being “. Thomas Edye


Authenticity, Creativity, our SMILE as a child who discovers Life and welcomes it without judgment, with infinite wonder, is Loving OneSelf. “The smile of children, frank and direct smile, whole to another … fine, light, volatile, it is the outcrop of the soul and transports with it in a world where there is no weightlessness “. (Patrick Drevet “The Smile”),


It is indeed the abandonment to a childish joy that will open the way to Wisdom,
not constraint and severity.


I like this bright thought of Taoism for which “AGING IS GETTING BACK TO CHILDHOOD“. It is not to be a child, but to be like a child. The face of the elderly person is different. His smiling and wrinkles are the symbol of his acceptance of life, of transmutation, of divine Beauty, of the “will of the Tao”.