Smile at thoughts

We shape Life according to our way of thinking, speaking, feeling and acting.

To smile at thoughts is to simply let them be and to cultivate them in the Beauty and Love of what IS.

“Do everything out of Love and you will see what you are capable of. »Emmet Fox




If we start from the principle that we are the Creators of our Reality, let thoughts and all emotions live without judgment, simply by welcoming them with as much Love as possible. We are responsible for our state of Being and the ESSENTIAL cannot be destroyed. Consciously pathing towards mental and emotional autonomy cultivates an INNER HARMONY and “self-heals”.


“It is from the stable Unity with Reality that the SMILE comes
that lights up the face of the Awakened ”.
 Dr JMMantel


To identify one’s beliefs is to become aware of what sustains and nourishes Creation. The intention that drives us is essential and when we replace limiting beliefs, thoughts (= powerful filters) with beliefs / thoughts that fulfill our projects, then everything becomes much more fluid.


“Create an image of your dreams and imprint it indelibly in your mind.
May this image never fade, constantly nourish your mind,
that will in turn seek to develop it.
Dr Norman Vincent Peale


We attract what We Are, what We vibrate. Everything in the Universe is “energy” and the more we love each other fully, the more we attract the luminous things that we desire through Love and in the Love of ourselves, of Others, and of the Universe which responds harmoniously to our requests.


“Peace of heart leads to world peace”, likes to repeat the Dalai Lama, “realizing an authentic peace implies transforming the way of thinking and the way of looking at the world and at others”.