Smile at actions




Movement and action are the basis of everything and of life itself. If the periods of reflection and return to self are essential to understand, they never replace action.It is by advancing that we trace the path and by acting that we discover new paths, by trying, starting again, correcting and … by making conscious decisions.


SMILE at our ACTIONS is to realize that the quality of Life, present
and future, depends on our Presence at all times.



To rise, to express what we feel “right” and to let ourselves be guided by intuition, it is to be RESPONSIBLE, it is simply to be LOVE OneSelf. To express, transmit, share your talents, your gifts, your resources, all your potential is to BE.


Visualize, feel Life as we dream it and act so that it becomes REALITY. Living your aspirations and creating now is possible: we have a conscious choice between acting and non-acting. All the tools, resources and guidance we need are in Us. “To create, you have to calm your mind. It must be calm so that ideas can connect with each other.  – Eric Maise

To give a SENSE to Life, to become more CONSCIOUS, does not mean to “put everything down” and stop all that creates the Life of today or to go on another path. Even if sometimes life seems to force us, let us be convinced that the answers are not necessarily “elsewhere”. The answers are often “here” in us, in our Heart, it opens us to other horizons, other worlds, other dimensions. To seek the meaning of Life is to be on Earth to re-learn to Love, to live in the space of our Heart which knows …

When we love what we do, we have faith in Life
We are in fact receiving new information, we are motivated and welcoming more inspiration. There is no argument or person to stop the impulse of Life and Love in us. Living your dreams then becomes one of the essential things in Life 🙂


Don’t we waste more time and energy doing things you don’t like. We certainly come out of our “comfort zone” to dive into the UNKNOWN, but we no longer wish to go back once we become aware of the Beauty of Life.