Smile to Life

It warms up, rejoices and blossoms our Heart and the one of Others in an instant. Its effects are unsuspected …

The secret of Life to feel good … is just to Love it.
There’s nothing else to Love, as you’ve probably noticed 🙂


Let us smile at our Heart, breathe calmly, listen to it and let this inner PEACE nourish the wonderful Being that we Are, it will be reflected on our Face. Smiling is the simple language of the Heart: “with a happy heart, a happy face”. May this inspire us and bring us the Joy that is essential to Life. SMILING IS THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE OF GOODNESS.


To say “YES TO LIFE” is to celebrate its Power in our Hearts! When we welcome Life with a smile, we multiply the sources of Joy. As you have all noticed, smiling is contagious. Even during a gray, sad and rainy day, one of those days when our head is full of worries and problems to be solved, a simple unknown stranger’s smiles at us in the street, and the wish to be happy again and in a good mood comes back immediately!
Buddha’s smile is the Awakening, the ultimate and universal compassion, the supreme bliss! 🙂


SMILING AT LIFE is a natural state
as long as we let it speak.


“A word spoken with kindness breeds confidence.
A thought expressed with kindness generates depth.
A free blessing generates love. “Lao Tseu


“Let’s practice smiling for others. Let’s discover this blossoming of the lips and the heart in our practice. In Japan, offering a beautiful face is essential, because our face does not belong to us, since it is others who see it and who feel delighted with our smile. For a happier society, let’s be happy in the heart and let this peace and happiness radiate through our face. Let our face bloom, like the Buddha’s smile ”. Alain Delaporte-Digard