Who am I ?

My name is Dominique 🙂


Following a road accident in 2009, Life offered me the Present to “re-open” my eyes and and above all to open my Heart wide. The conscious Presence of Love-Light and of the Joy of being, I have at heart to share it and transmit it.  This near “death” experience (or modified state of Consciousness) is the Grace that I was given to live and heal… it has guided me towards understanding Soul. It gives me the enthusiasm and energy to guide you in awakened Consciousness, towards autonomy and a more fulfilled Life. To open to one’s talents, gifts, is to see oneself unfolding in the marvelous unfolding of one’s LIFE POTENTIAL and to unit them in the creation of a brighter world.


In 2011, Life led me to create this website “thesmilingpower” with the intention of sharing and expanding this energy of JOY and LOVE that animates my Heart. The inner journey, the encounters and the experiences of Life are there to guide us to Quietude, Harmony and Freedom.


The teachings and the inner gifts that Life reveals on the path of Consciousness, are at the service of your self-development since 2010. Indeed, the clair-sentience that has lived within me since childhood is the presence of “the invisible”. It also allows me to guide you on the path to Soul. I therefore offer you various SOLAR THERAPIES © including “Baths of Light”, healing treatments transmitted by the Guides of Light who accompany me in the Presence (see website www.coeursoleil.org).


The logo of “CoeurSoleil” – HeartSun (www.coeursoleil.org) created by my daughters was born in 2015 in order to radiate and transmit to each one, the natural and creative energy of Joy, the “Inner Sun” which is the Eternal Loving-Light living in the Heart.


To love and honor LIFE, is to perceive and live it as a Celebration, isn’t it ? I am happy to accompany you in the realization of your projects, of all that is close to your heart.