Who am I ?

My name is Dominique 🙂


Following a road accident in 2009, I feel, thanks to this experiment, the Happiness to “re-open” my eyes and and above all to open the Heart to Life. This conscious Presence to Love that I live, my heart is happy to transmit and share it at every moment. This near death experience (EMA) is the Grace that I was given to live and heal completely … it guided me towards the understanding of the Soul. It gives me the immense enthusiasm and the energy to guide you towards autonomy, in a more fulfilled Life. Opening to Self Love, to one’s talents, gifts, is to see oneself unfolding in the infinite POTENTIAL OF LIFE and uniting by creating a brighter world.


In 2011, Life led me to create this website “thesmilingpower” with the intention of sharing and expanding this energy of JOY and LOVE that animates my Heart. The innate teachings and gifts that Life keeps revealing to me on the path of Consciousness, are here to serve your holistic well-being since 2011. Indeed, the clear-sentience that has lived in me since my childhood is also the presence to “the invisible”. It allows me to guide you on your inner path. I also offer energetic healings, Solar Therapies©  “Baths of Light” transmitted by the Light Guides who accompany me.


The wish of my Heart is that you radiate “the Best of Who You Are“, so that you feel the Harmony of your true Nature, the Essence of Who you really Are. Hearing the Heart, the intuitions, welcoming Life with the inner smile, whatever happens.
For many years, I have been guided to radiate the liveliness of the logo named “CoeurSoleil” (www.coeursoleil.org) “Heart Sun” created by my daughters. It offers us the way of reconnecting with the natural energy of Joy, the “inner Sun” which is the infinite Love living in our Heart.


I Love and honor the Beauty of LIFE, I see and feel it as a Celebration, I am “passionate” about the multidimensions of the human being and about personal development since my childhood. I support you in the realization of your projects, of everything that is essential to you. I hear what inspires you, who you are. I am present for you so that you can emanate the wonderful Light of your Soul.