Smile to Present

The pure, simple and authentic Joy that we live in the moment is a Welcome to Life,
to what We Are from all eternity.
Serenity live within us when we are fully present in this state of Being.
Perhaps the secret of life is just to LOVE it, EMBRACE it and SMILE at it in the moment.


Yesterday is a thing of the past, tomorrow is not yet and may not be, TODAY IS CREATION. Who knows what can happen to us tomorrow, or in a few moments? When we live in the present moment, without projecting our mind on what could “possibly” happen, we are more serene. Taking the time to stop, to hear, to see, to feel … helps us to welcome what IS.

Living in the Present moment is the powerful source of JOY and SERENITY.


How to be at peace now? “By making peace with the present moment. The present moment is the playground where life is played. Indeed, it cannot be played anywhere else. Once you have made peace with the present moment, observe what is happening, what you can create or choose to do, or rather, what life is doing in you. The secret of the art of living, the secret of success and happiness comes down to five words: “Make One with life”. TO MAKE ONE WITH LIFE IS TO MAKE ONE WITH THE PRESENT MOMENT. At that point, you realize that it is not you who is living your life, but the life that is living you. Life is the dancer and you are the dance. “- Eckhart Tolle, New Earth


An interview with the Dalai Lama had once particularly challenged me … One of the questions asked was:
“What surprises you most in humanity?” He replied: “Men who lose their health to make money and then spend that money to get their health back. Thinking too anxiously about the future, they forget about the present so much that they end up living neither in the present nor in the future. They live as if they were never going to die and die as if they had never lived”.

” These wise comments may lead us to meditate … 🙂