Daily Exercices

Let’s put a smile on our face: let’s think about the things for which we are grateful and we will see how different we already feel. Let’s keep that smile as long as possible. Such small daily actions allow us to quickly change what we feel.


Let’s start the day with a smile: take stock in the evening, it will be a brighter day. At any moment, let’s choose a smile and thus create more opportunities to experience Joy and Love.

Inner Smile: this is the encounter with your Self, the connection. The energies are renewed by taking the time to go in silence to calm the mind.


Let us smile at our body (powerful internal meditation): let us listen to it, let us welcome emotions without judgment, with Love  in order to stay “connected” to the Beauty of the Intelligence of Life. This state enhances the metabolism and brings a brighter and invigorating vision of Life. The general idea is to smile at the organs, that’s all! Try it, you will surely be amazed at what you feel.


Now let’s see the practice in more detail :

1- I breathe slowly while relaxing and I stick my tongue to the palate;
2- I then become aware of my body by scanning its different parts with the intention of relaxing them;
3- I then use the breath: I breathe in the energy of the Earth, I breathe out the tensions;
4- I then remember a pleasant image in order to activate a positive resource (image often linked to nature);
5- I relax my forehead, my eyes, my 3rd eye, my tongue, my jaw;
6- I go through my organs one by one: I intend to relax them, I internally feel this organ and I smile at it. (Here is a possible sequence of organs: thymus-heart, spleen, lungs, kidneys and liver);


In order to end the exercise in a very Taoist way, we can hold back the saliva during all the relaxation and swallow it only at the end, with awereness !
Do not hesitate to practice “The Inner Smile”, a very Yin exercise, before any internalized activity (meditation, zazen, yoga etc), you thus put an INTENTION FULL OF LIFE AND JOY from the start.